Intellectual Property Policy

We at Chill5 respect the creativity of others and we expect it from our users as well. Our Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines do not allow our users to post, share, or send any contents that infringe someone else’s trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property rights.

Copyright Infringement

Chill5 users are not allowed to upload any contents that infringe copyright. Using any copyrighted contents without proper authorization or legally valid reason falls under copyright violation. If your content falls under copyright infringement, you are supposed to provide evidence to prove that you are legally entitled to use the content.

What if someone infringes Copyright?

The contents which violate another person’s copyright will be removed from our platform. If you are infringing the copyright multiple times, your account will be suspended or terminated from our app.

How to notify a Copyright Infringement?

If you notice any copyrighted work on our platform, you can submit a copyright infringement notification:

The notification must include:

  1. Contact details (Email Address/Phone Number).
  2. Video link or profile link of the content/User who is violating your copyright.
  3. A Copy of your ownership of the content or a letter from the owner if you are an authorized representative.

You can mail us at with the subject “Copyright” containing the above details. We will forward it to the uploader of the content and if they don’t provide a counter-notification, we will remove it from our platform and take necessary actions.


If you are the content uploader and if you feel that the copyright infringement notification is an error, you can provide us with a counter-notification.

The counter-notification must include:

  1. Contact information (Email/Phone Number/Address).
  2. Video link of the content which was removed or disabled.
  3. Document to prove fair use of the content.

You have to counter notify within 10 days of copyright notification. We will forward your counter-notification to the claimant so that they can file a lawsuit if required.

If we do not receive a reply from the original report within 10 business days, we may replace or upload the removed contents again.

Note: The above infringement also applies for trademark and other intellectual properties as well.

General Notice

As a Chill5 user, users are responsible for the contents they upload. Read our Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions before uploading a video. If you are still wondering whether a video is an infringing copyright or not, then you can get legal advice from an attorney.

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