Community Guidelines

We, Chill5, is a short video platform where you can create and share short videos. As an application, we are creating an environment where users can produce content and at the same time discover others around them. Chill5 allows you to connect with others by commenting and appreciating their creativity. We take responsibility in keeping this community safe. These community guidelines define a code of conduct on our platform and help to maintain a safe environment.

Note: We update our guidelines from time to time to keep our Chill5 a safe place for our creators and users.

Threatening Contents

We do not allow contents that threaten individuals or a group of people. Users are not allowed to use our platform to promote crime or other types of activities that cause harm. If someone is creating such content, we will ban your account and would assist legal authorities.

The above mentioned types of groups and crime includes:

  1. Hate groups
  2. Violent extremist Groups
  3. Trafficking in any manner
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Extortion
  6. Blackmailing
  7. Homicide
  8. Fraud 
  9. Cybercrime

Shocking and Violent content

Any form of shocking or violent content is not allowed. The contents uploaded by the user should not promote violence or suffering in any form. We will be removing the contents and banning the account if it promotes violent or shocking content unless it is meant to raise awareness about any issues. If we receive reports or if the content is a threat to others, we will ban the account and at the same time handle it legally as well.

We do not allow contents which includes,

  1. Accidental deaths involving real people
  2. Open wound/injury
  3. Physical violence
  4. Self-harming
  5. Suicide
  6. Graphical edit of blood
  7. Slaughtering animals
  8. Animal cruelty

Hate speech 

We do not appreciate any content that targets or promotes violence against an individual or a group of people. If we find any hate speech, we will remove it immediately from our application. If someone is repeatedly doing it, we will have to suspend or ban their account.

We do not allow contents that,

  1. Targets a person using their race, ethnicity, nation, religion, caste
  2. Promotes a hateful ideology
  3. Targets an individual using sex, gender, or disabilities

Harassment and bullying

We do not permit contents that harass or bully someone. All users in our platform are permitted to express their skills without fearing others. If someone shames or humiliates any other person’s activity, then we will not be tolerating it. Chill5 will remove all abuses, harassments, and ban the person who is bullying others.

We do not allow contents that,

  1. Infringes other’s privacy
  2. Displays other’s personal information including address, Phone number and much more
  3. Harassing an individual or a group
  4. Contents that bullies an individual or a group
  5. Commenting in an inappropriate manner

Sexual activities and Nudity

Creating or sharing adult content (Nude/Sexual content) is against law. If someone is uploading any pornographic or adult contents, it will be removed from our application. If a person is repeatedly indulging in such activities, their account will be suspended and they will be permanently banned from using our app.

We do not allow contents that,

  1. Promotes sexual acts
  2. Depicts any form of sexual activities
  3. Pornography or nudity
  4. Depicts sexual arousal
  5. Contains images/videos of male/female private parts

Child/Minor Safety

Chill5 is committed to child safety and does not tolerate any activities against minors. Any contents related to child abuse, child nudity and other forms of sexual exploitation are not acceptable. If someone is promoting such content, actions will be taken legally. Such persons will be banned completely from using our platform.

We do not allow contents that,

  1. Shows private parts of minors
  2. Depicts sexual arousal involving minors
  3. Depicts sexual activities involving minors
  4. Promotes Child abuse
  5. Contains sexual or erotic language involving minors
  6. Contains sexual or erotic language involving minors

Spam and Misleading Information

We do not allow contents which break the integrity. We are committed to the trust of our users and we do not encourage others to cheat someone on our platform. Spamming and spreading misleading information is prohibited in our platform.

Users are not allowed to

  1. Promote fake traffic generation
  2. Sending spam messages or comments to others
  3. Using another person identity
  4. Misformation that causes health issues to others
  5. Uploading contents that violate or infringe someone’s copyright

We are committed to serve you and make this platform a safe space for all our users. If you feel someone is violating our community guidelines, you can either report their video while seeing it or mail us at to help us take appropriate action.

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